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Creator pay is a simple & easy to use payments tool that allows creators to easily monetise content with or without a paywall. Its' robust nature allows creators to use it for diverse purposes. Such include:

Fan support contributions
Merchandise sale
Campaign Donations

i.e If it's requires a paywall, we CreatorPay applies. We have intentionally made the sign up process simple & direct with terms of use are creator friendly. The idea is to put more money in creators pockets.


Creator inStudio

Allows creators to produce content without the hustle of buying equipment. Through our plug & play resources , Creator inStudio caters for pre & post production requirements needed by creators in the below spaces:

YouTube content creation
Music production
Documentaries & short films.

Production can be through commissioning, sponsorship or paid.



Our residency program is designed to promote relevant economic sustainability models that can be adapted by creatives. Areas of focus:

Branding & brand positioning
Personal brands marketing
Digital media
Content monetisation, licensing & publishing.


Creator Partnership Opportunities

As we move closer to vision 2030 we are are at the forefront to promote economic growth amongst creators through our training programs. This is in line with SDG 8 ; Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all creators. We invite you to partner with us. To find out how, contact us.

Our passion is in helping creators in Africa monetise their skill, knowledge, and content. Join us in hitting this 2030 targets.

The intention is to make sure that it is sustainable for creators to keep creating.






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