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Creator makes it easy for creators in the African creative ecosystem to get started building businesses around their content. Our tools & resources are designed to deliver everything creators need to produce, manage, promote, and measure content for today's global audience. We are a multifaceted platform that allows content creators & media producers to draw Monetary Value from their work. Our practical tools and resources are designed to help creators monetize content.

Creator is a curated platform connecting creators of digital products with the services they need to build my businesses around their content. Whether you’re raising funds, looking for partners, or in need of an e-commerce solution, creator.co.ke is your one stop shop to connect you with the best professionals in Kenya.

The creator.co.ke platform was designed by creators for creators to help them CREATE, LAUNCH & GROW their businesses.

Our platform enables creators to focus more on creating and less on the day-to-day management of the business by simplifying necessary systems & processes necessary for business growth. Our goal is to provide a better service for creators so that they can stop worrying about the business side of things and get back to doing what they love – CREATING!

Our resource centre provides an avenue for creators to produce & distribute more quality content. We achieve this via provision of production equipment, production services and training. Our podcast incubator also allows us to enable podcasters conceptualise, design, produce & distribute their content without worrying about financial implications tied to it. This is a sponsored program in partnership with different corporates.

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How it works; Signup to funds withdrawal

Click on sign up below, go through the 1 minute sign up process & get a dedicated dashboard link.

Share the link with your friends, brand partners, fans of your work & family. You can also add it in your YouTube video descriptions, social media 'link in bio' & even include it in your sponsored content.

Easily monitor payments made to you via the dashboard. Once you meet the minimum threshold of Kshs. 500/- Send a withdrawal request & receive your funds within 24hrs. Withdrawal request made between 8:00am - Noon are fulfilled before 5:00pm

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